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Steven, 2E1HFH

Sun Jan 26 2014, 08:37PM
Hi, 2E1HFH Steven here. I have been licensed now for nearly 16 years but have only just started out on 6 meters . I was always very sceptical about the "Magic Band" to begin with but i am now beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel which has been a long while coming.

I never did want my full ticket as i live in a big conurbation in Central London on the top floor of a Victorian listed building with a large flat roof. At any time there are about 10 persons and lots of tvs and radios within say a 50 foot radius of my person.

I have just now secured a Microwave Modules MMT50/144 transverter that i want to use at my second QTH in Bury St Edmunds in conjunction with my trusty Yeasu 480R 2 meter all mode radio. I have had the 480 driving a Tokyo HI Power HF transverter for about two years now with good results. I never use high power from the 480 or the HF240 and only ever run a max of about 15 watts pep. But i can and often do monitor my qso,s and calls on the bands (with an internet time lag) vis web receivers across the UK and Europe. My 20 meter loaded long wire always puts a up good few db above the noise floor almost anywhere without disconcerting any bigger call signs and any grander ops with a large signal meter reading or deflection that may be present due to my timely transmitting after often monitoring listening to just a small segment of kc,s in a given MB for perhaps even hours beforehand.

Strategically hung only 10 feet above the garden and with several ten foot copper pipe earth rods co joined running the first few meters in the flower bed from the house at feed point. Its very low profile dosent scare the neighbours at all either. Perhaps they think my Gran has a black washing line.

So then, whoop de doo. . . Now i have a new transverter that i simply know nothing about. . But, i do have experience with transverters in general. My Tokyo Hi Power had to be largely re built as it came off ebay for less than fifty pounds. Working, but sounding a lot like a dalek and with parts robbed from inside and things running to earth and the chassis that clearly should not plus two big wires hanging out the back on epoxy putty for power. It was fine on RX but on TX terrible.

From any diagrams or pics that i have seen the Microwave Modules txvtr looks more far more bomb proof but then it only has one band to deal with.

My main worry is will a pokey little driver rig like the 480R just have too much drive for this older transverter ? Even on its 1 watt low power setting. The Yeasu really deflects all my power meters in a very pleasing manner on ssb. There is much talk power inside the box. Even at 1W.

Also are there any other factors that i may need to know about or should take in to my consideration at all with the MM transverter at all please kind sirs ? If anyone will or can please clue me up on this new transverter please do kindly reply to this post. As i am floundering here at this end like a fish out of water.

Thank You

Regards and 73

2E1HFH Standing by...

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