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ON4KST on Android

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Mon Jul 02 2012, 09:06AM

I've been searching for a solution to reading ON4KST's chat pages on my Android Smartphone. In my search I cam across Blowtorch Telnet Client. As some of you might know ON4KST operates via telnet using:
Port 23000
Just enter the above in Blowtorch and log into the chat room of your choice.
I increased the font size to 23 make it more readable on my old eyes.
Blowtorch comes with default buttons, which are useless for On4KST. No problem just create a new button set and if you dont want to display any buttons, done define any. In my screenshot below I defined one button called "USERS" which outputs the following command when presses "SH US", this provides a list of current logged on users.
You can also define triggers so that you can be alerted to any incoming text sting. for example if you set a trigger to recoginise the ">" text string, you can be notified on every incomming message. You can define as many triggers as you want to ensure you dont miss that vital message when away from the shack.
Blowtorch is available from the Google Android Marketplace (Google Play).
ON4KST Android.png

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Roger, G4HBA
Wed Jul 04 2012, 08:08AM
Roger, G4HBA
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Great app Dai, thanks for that. It works well on my Samsung Galaxy note. I can also watch the DX Cluster as well.
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Dai, G8FXM
Thu Aug 29 2013, 07:56AM

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Paul, G4DCV has contacted me with news of a very handy app he has written for Android phones called "KST for Android". This app gives quick and easy access to:
  • ON4KST Chat
  • MMM MUF Map
  • MMM Es Map
  • FM/TV DX log (useful for spotting Es at 100MHz)
  • G7RAU User Area for LiveMUF on the web (please use MMM MUF Map above in preference to save Dave's bandwidth)
  • Hepburn Tropo Maps
  • ACE Solar Dials
  • N0UK JT65 EME Chat
  • LiveCQ
Pauls app is not available from Google Play (Marketplace) but can be downloaded from his website here:
Thanks Paul for this very useful app.

[ Edited Thu Aug 29 2013, 08:16AM ]
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