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Wed Feb 01 2012, 03:29PM

Heres a handy APRS app for Android. Its not free, but quite cheap. You can also track your position in Google Maps or APRS Map view.
Available from the Market Place.

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Alex, G7KSE
Thu Mar 01 2012, 08:30PM
Alex, G7KSE
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You can get a free copy here but its always nice to support a developer with such a small price.
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Steven, 2E1HFH
Fri Jan 03 2014, 12:15AM
Steven, 2E1HFH
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Hi, i have been using APRS driod for a few months now and i have found it to be the best APRS phone app i have found so far. I also own an iPod that runs an APRS app. But the Andriod APRS apps all cast a very big shadow over the graphically superior hi res Apple rivals.

The sheer functionality of the droid app along with its features puts it at the top of my list every time. I don't know why i ever bothered to put APRS on my iPod anyway as i need portable wi fi to use it to begin.

The great thing is that it tells me how many other APRS equiped stations there are within a given radius of me at any time. And it allows me to run APRS while im out on my bicycle.

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