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David, G8LZE

Mon Oct 31 2011, 10:18AM
Following the IARU Sun City conference last August a revised bandplan was adopted for 50 MHz. As part of the reorganisation an MS segment was created covering 50.320 MHz to 50.380 MHz. The new bandplan becomes effective on 1st January 2012.

It would seem sensible to designate a “centre of activity” (COA) for MS. One idea is to nominate 50.330 MHz as the COA being 100 KHz up from the current established “calling” frequency despite this being offset from the allocation centre.

Any opinions please?
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Bob, G8HGN
Wed Mar 26 2014, 05:14PM
Bob, G8HGN
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Hi David,

No responses to this it seems. So I'll ask a couple of questions related to your post.

The "new" bandplan has been in force for over a year now, so why is 50.230 still being used for MS JT6M and op's not moved into the segment above 50.300?

During openings and contests 50.230 is easily part of the band being used and it seems daft to hang on to this causing mutual interference to both types of activity.

I would say the same about 50.190 for EME too. Surely these frequencies are now relics of a bygone age?

73 Bob G8HGN
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