Now I am ready for 6m

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Steve, G1XOW

Sun Jul 03 2011, 11:17PM
Hi All,

Rejoined UKSMG after many many years away from six. Now set-up to make some noise on the band again.

Just finished installing my M2 5 over 5 stack at 20m AGL. One of the first test QSO was with SV9 Crete. Guess that works okay then? Just running 100W from TS-2000x for now.

Now looking for some 6M QRO capability. I already have a Heathkit SB-220 (2 x 3-500z) for HF and was wondering about converting it to run 6m as well. Any ideas/articles appreciated.

cheers, Steve G1XOW, IO93MA
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