Multihop Es - May 9th 2010

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John, G1VVP

Tue May 10 2011, 10:34AM
May 9th was an impressive day for Es and with a nice surprise at the end!

It's still early in the season but the 9th May saw things taking off in style for me. To begin with, the Es started to take hold at 11:00 GMT when the band opened to Spain and Portugal. Some shorter skip was also apparent with western France appearing minutes later. Then the band opened towards eastern Europe.

Several countries were worked, though I must confess I left 6m in favour of band 2 FM DX as Spain and Morocco had started to take hold there, the MUF rising to 93.5 MHz and staying there for a few hours. DXing band 2 (88-108MHz) has long been a favourite of mine.

The real surprise for me was during the early evening when Gambia appeared on 50.125 and, after patiently suffering the pile-up, I eventually managed to work Andre, C5YK at 19:52 with genuine 5/9 signals both ways. This is surprising since I was only using a 3 element beam at 6m above the ground.

I have heard that DX at the coast can be more rewarding than if the listener is located far inland. We only moved to the east coast during October of last year. I am wondering if we can expect more in the way of exotic DX. I know it's often the luck of the draw with sporadic E though. Time will tell!

Fingers crossed!

John, G1VVP
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