Mutek tvvf 50a transverter and Trio TS-530s

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Bill, G3SBT

Fri Apr 30 2010, 12:15PM
Can anyone tell me how best to connect my Mutek tvvf 50a transverter to my TS-530s. The 530s does not have a transverter port and I need to drive the transverter with less that 300mw
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Chris, G3UFS
Fri Apr 30 2010, 03:32PM
Chris, G3UFS
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Hi Bill. Regarding TS530s. Suggest you try and get a copy of the TS830 circuit which has a transvert socket included. It will reqire a small wiring job, but the main circuitry is there. I converted my TS530sp successfully also using the G3WPO 70 Mhz version. If I can be of further help, Please ring 01903 755679. Chris G3UFS.
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