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Steve, VK3OT

Tue Mar 09 2010, 06:29AM
Its hard to believe its 2010. What happened to 1988? And what does it all mean?
All those hard fought efforts to bridge the not unsubstantial gaps between Australian East Coast and Europe (G-land in particular).
Was that all it will ever be? In our ham lifetimewill we ever bridge the 16000KM path again?

As I listen to weak Russian TV and I mean weak.
And I see the back slapping over a few JAs on afternoon TEP.
I wonder if the guys relaise just how hard and fleetign any 9IF) EU qso's are going to eb this time around?

Lots of speculation, chat, twitter, lots of technology but when its all down to the wire with the latest rigs, loggers, instant messaging who is going to be the first G to work into VK again? If ever.
Im not talking PCs and robots either if thats your method now.

The last first was Ellis G5KW who I called on the phone and remember his wonderful "British" voice: Elllis here.
Then he apologised for mucking up the report and giving me such a poor report. I was apparently qrmd by a VK8 who I could not hear.

it was

11th October 1989 at 0930 UTC.

21 years ago.

Thats about 2 cycles give or take a year.

The last G into VK3 in Cycle 22 was was Chris G3WOS and G3RFS on

26th November 1991 also at 0930 UTC.

The Only G in CY 23 into VK3 exactly 11 years later was G3FPQ at

0941 on Dec 11th 2001.

I have less than 30 confirmations on 6M from the British isles in 25 years of operating.
Some I may meet again on 6M.
Several of the cards are now Silent keys.

I will never forget Brian HBR as the anchor man on 28.885 and Ted Collins of course.

And without Chris WOS and Geoff ICD where would all of us now be anyway?


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Wed Mar 10 2010, 08:39PM
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thanks for the info and the realisation on how hard its is.

I hope I will be able to do it during cy24 so if you have and predictions please share.

I know it will be hard but that's the fun might have to put a few big antennas up

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Steve, VK3OT
Wed Mar 10 2010, 09:18PM
Steve, VK3OT
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AFter a stuttering start andan SF of 100 a ONE JA opening into VK3 the sun has slumped back to SF of 70 with a YEAR to the peak of 2000+11=2011. I dont think 2011 will be a peak of anythign except peoples frustration and at 65 next birthday I dont eant to a an SOF waiting aroung and annoying people when I am 77 in 2023 (that will be a good eyar mark my workds when i am too old to remember what UASMG was or was that USSMG?
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Steve, VK3ZAZ
Sat May 11 2013, 10:03PM
Steve, VK3ZAZ
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Err is that the fat lady singing

My paltry results for CYCLE 24


The slogan is

WIll you be alive in 25?


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