Ten Reasons to Join
the UKSMG Today!
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By joining the UKSMG you do not just get a quarterly
newsletter you help us achieve the following activities:

  1. We help local amateurs in countries that are not permitted to operate on 50MHz gain permission (Egypt)

  2. We organise DXpeditions to activate new countries on 50MHz for the first time (Jordan)

  3. We sponsor DXpeditions that focus on 50MHz (St Pierre & Miquelon, Sable and St. Paul Islands, Georgia)

  4. We encourage visitors to a country not active on 50MHz to operate (Western Sahara)

  5. We arrange the provision of equipment to operators who want to operate on 50MHz (Egypt, Jan Mayen)

  6. We actively encourage local amateurs to operate on 50MHz for the first time (Belarus)

  7. We publish a quarterly magazine, Six News to provide in-depth articles not available on the Internet

  8. We run probably the best amateur radio web site in the world dedicated to 50MHz (This one!)

  9. We support over 800 members who provide information on all aspects of operation on 50MHz and we feed it back to you!

  10. We have established THE event of the year: the UKSMG sporadic-E competition in May

And we run this web site for you free of charge as a community service to 6m operators!

We need money in the form of subscriptions to undertake the above activities. Our subscriptions are very low, why not help us get more activity on the band! You know it will benefit you when you work that new country for the first time! Please help us!

Send off the application form today!

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