The UKSMG 6m Shopping Mall

The UKSMG has no relationship with any company in the Shopping Mall and does not, in any way, warrant their products or service.

The Shopping Mall is provided only as a service for 6m enthusiasts around the world.

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Company Country Products
Linear Amp (UK) United Kingdom 1kW amplifier
Nevada Communications United Kingdom Low Loss Coax
Microwave Modules United Kingdom Amplifiers etc
The Triode Amplifier Control Board United Kingdom Triode and Tetrode Boards Control boards for power amplifiers
Vine Antenna Products United Kingdom UK source for M2 antennas
DX System Radio France 6m Antenna manufacturers
ZX-YAGI -  Uses desings of ON4UN Netherlands 6m antennas
VHF Teknik Sweden Largest antenna factory in Sweden
VQlog [ see the review ] (Shareware) VQlog logging programme
The Great Telnet program! (Shareware) Access clusters via the Internet
I0XGR's Fastlog v3.4 Y2K compliant (Shareware) Super logging programme with maps
Byers Chassis Kits USA Amplifier chassis kits
Commander USA 1kW amplifier
Lunar Link USA Amplifiers
Tohtsu Coaxial Relays (@ Radio Dan) USA CS600 etc Coax relays
M2 Enterprises USA High gain 6m antennas
Surplus Sales of Nebraska USA For all those BIG amplifier bits!
Tom's Tubes your Russian Tube connection USA Russian tubes
WA8WZG on the web USA second-hand 8877s!
Max-Gain Systems USA Lots of antenna bits
RF Electronics USA Solid state 6m amplifiers
Scientific Technical Center Russia Technical specs. of Russian valves
LNA Technology USA High performance, low noise amplifiers and half wave power dividers.
GB Antennes & Towers Netherlands 6m Antennas and Quad's

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