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VHF DX alert system - USA This is the DX propagation live! site used as an Internet VHF propagation alert system. Just enter your alert and it will be sent to anyone else who connects to the site at a later time.
Internet 6m DX Cluster - Europe This Internet based 50Mhz DX cluster just delivers 50MHz spots from a number of clusters in Europe and the USA and has been set up by OH2BUA and is based in Finland.
Austria 6m in Austria
Argentina 6 Metres en Argentina
Cuba Arnie, CO2KK's weekly newsletter
Hong Kong HARDXA, Hong Kong Amateur Radio DX Association
Italy Six Italy, a new monthly Italian newsletter in English and Italian dedicated to 6m!


PA2HJS's 50 MHz sound recording archives using RealAudio
New Zealand New Zealand's own 6m web site
Venezuela YV VHF DX Bulletin


SMIRK US Six Meter Club
Six Metres World Wide World Wide 6m Club

UK VHF e-mail reflector

Send an e-mail to leave the Subject field empty and put"subscribe vhf-dx-discuss" as the only text in the e-mail body. To send a mail to the list address it to
Japanese VHF reflector Send an e-mail to, and put "subscribe 6m-dx" in the first line of the body. Leave the subject field of the e-mail empty.
ARRL DXCC Program All the details of the DXCC award program
M0ZPD The M0ZPD internet gateway system
VK9ML VK9ML Mellish Reef DX-pedition 2002
3Y0P The Third Ever DXPedition to PETER I ISLAND, planned for January 2005

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