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The August 1994 issue of Six News
Thanks to all of our authors since 1982!

*G5KW Memorial Trophy 2002 nominee.  

Interesting stuff  issue
CQ from UA2F/DK2ZF  35, April 1992
Lebanon on 6m  37, April 1993
Bermuda on 50MHz - June 1994.  43, October 1994
who are those North American stations?  46, August 1995
6M is dead, so what?  47, April 1995
the UK six metre repeater network  53, May 1997
of mice and men - portable operation in EI  64, February 2000
sic meters - the tragic band?  64, February 2000
F2 DX opening in cycle 22, 11th Feb. '89  64, February 2000
European beacon map  65, May 2000 updated Apr 2002
prototype time-sharing multi-band beacon  65, May 2000
the story of PA3HEN/MM  65, May 2000
are you one of the deserving?  68, May 2001
an interview with Peter Sprengel, PY5CC  70, August 2001
some statistics of the activity by XE stations  71, November 2001
the wide route along the Equator *  71, November 2001
a homebrew contest station - K5AM  72, February 2002
a new 6m Bandplan, is it necessary? - Pierre, HB9QQ  74, August 2002
50MHz Moonbounce Using JT44  74, August 2002
JT44 for DXCC?  75, November 2002

The G5KW trophy, donated by the Committee in Ken's memory, will be awarded annually at the UKSMG Annual General Meeting to the contributor of the best original article published in 'Six News' magazine in the year immediately preceding the AGM. The recipient will be selected by the Editor and the Committee, from nominations by the membership


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6m equipment
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propagation theory
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