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Syarif, YC1FWO

Tue Aug 04 2009, 09:59AM
I am very glad to join in this groups, my name is syarif, YC1FWO, from Indonesia.I am using kenwood TR9300 with 5/8 lambda vertical omni.
There are several 6 M user. We usually stand by in 50.110 and also in 50.125. we also put a beacon in 50.042, the owner in YF1OO from bogor.
I hope that we can make a dx call someday to many foreign countries.
please teach us about 6 M, and we will be very glad.
Is there any body has a manual for TR 9300 and wanna share with me ? I will be very glad.
Thank you

Syarif - YC1FWO
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Dai, G8FXM
Tue Aug 04 2009, 11:39AM

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Hi Syarif, welcome to the UKSMG website. I'd love to work Indonesia as it would be a new one for me, but that doesnt look very likley at the moment I'm sure someone here will be able to help you out with TR9300 Manual, keep checking back to these pages for updates.
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Trev, EA5ISZ
Tue Aug 04 2009, 01:02PM
Trev, EA5ISZ

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Hi Syarif, welcome to the UKSMG website. I'm afraid I cannot help with the manual for the TR9300; I did look around most of the usual sites for a manual but this seems to be a rare one. Perhaps one of our members can scan a copy for you.

You should find a lot of information about 6m on this site and if there is anything you can't find, or need to know then please ask. Have a great time on 6m Syarif, I hope to work you during the next Cycle peak.
73, Trev G3ZYY
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Syarif, YC1FWO
Wed Aug 05 2009, 12:24AM
Syarif, YC1FWO
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Dear Mr Dai and Mr Trev,
thank you for your quick respond, recently my colleague heard several station from neighboring countries. I hope that the propagation better soon so a worldwide dx become possible in 6 M. I also work on 15M,40M, and 80 M. I hope to make a direct contact with you also there. Best regard for your family.Thank you

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Othman, 9M2OK
Sun Dec 16 2012, 04:38AM
Othman, 9M2OK
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Dear Sharif,
I am new on 6 meter and had worked just 1 local station here. I wonder if we can have prearrange qso (sked) one day.My name is Osman callsign 9m2ok located in Port Dickson .When condition is good please give a call.
Osman 9m2ok

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