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Fri Apr 18 2008, 03:27PM
When we first moved to this current site we suffered one or two SPAM messgaes in the Announcements page. I managed to stop this, but to prevent this happening again to either Announcements Pages or Forums etc I have installed some anti SPAM software. The most immeadiate effect of this is that you will be asked to confirm by clicking on a button when posting an announcement message. In Forums you may be asked a simple question e.g what does 1+2=? just to prove that there is a human at the other end andnot a SPAM Robot. The system will stop asking you these questions once you have posted a couple of messages sucessfully and therefore knows who you are. I hope these measures will not prove too inconvenient, if so I'll be happy to tone them down or even remove all together. Please give me some feedback on this, good or bad

[ Edited Fri Apr 18 2008, 03:31PM ]
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