Luton VHF Contest Groups Visit to Caldey Island

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Terry, G4UEM

Sun Aug 31 2008, 12:26PM
I would like to mention our visit to Caldey Island, My E-Mail address is correct on if anybody wants a sked we will be also using ON4KST.

Following the successful reconnaissance visit in March, the group will establish a special event station, GB2CI, on Caldey, one of the Welsh Islands off the coast of Tenby, Pembrokeshire, IO71PP, from 1800hrs UTC on 2nd September to 1100hrs UTC on 8th September 2008. Operators taking part will be G1JCC, G4LBH, G4LOO, G4MVU, G4UEM, G8ATD, and M0BIK.
The station will be validated for IOTA (EU-124), WLOTA (L 4056) and WAB SS19.
Primarily this will be a holiday expedition with SSB DX operation on all bands from 160m to 2m but to encourage local contacts, operation from 0800hrs BST (0700hrs UTC) to 0900hrs BST (0800hrs UTC) and from 1900hrs BST (1800hrs UTC) to 2000hrs BST (1900hrs UTC) will be restricted to 80m, 40m and 2m. Expected operating frequencies will be 3.750Mhz, 7.065Mhz and 144.310Mhz, + or – QRM but skeds for 80m and 2m during these times can be arranged through ON4KST.
The group will also be taking part in the SSB Field Day and 2m Trophy contests over the weekend of 6th/7th September using club callsign GW3SVJ/P.
During the week, some operators may also use their own callsigns (GW……/P) for data mode operation eg PSK31 and SSTV.
Antennas will include a 20m/15m/10m trapped three element beam at 12m above ground, a multiband trapped vertical and dipoles for 80m and 40m and an extremely long end fed wire for 160m; a 5 element yagi for 6m at 12m above ground; and a 9 element yagi for 2m also at 12m above ground. Power levels are expected to be 400watts HF and 200watts 6m and 2m.
The group are proud to announce the sponsorship of QSL cards for this expedition by Martin Lynch and Sons Ltd. QSL cards should be sent via the bureau or direct to G8ATD. QSL cards will be managed by G4UEM.

Regards Terry

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