Help - Pre 1996 Summer E's results wanted

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Peter, G7ETZ

Mon Aug 04 2008, 02:41PM

Does anyone have any of the pre 1996 summer e's contest results for portable / multi-op section?

I used to have all the early 6 news, but that cleaning fairy seems to have discovered them..

Tnanks - Peter
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Kerry, G8VR
Wed Aug 06 2008, 09:28PM
Kerry, G8VR
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The 6 News CD has a large number of the issues of 6 News and everyone that you need. If that doesn't suit you, I have all my old copies somewhere and could dig them out for a look. 73's Kerry - G0LCS
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Peter, G7ETZ
Thu Aug 07 2008, 03:02PM
Peter, G7ETZ
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Thanks Kerry
The CD sounds like the best idea
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Ian, G5WQ
Fri Aug 08 2008, 07:00AM
Ian, G5WQ
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pete ;
i have the cd here .
will need to find it just in case its not where i think it is but will look though it to find any info .
will probably be february issues that the contest info is in , if i remember right , due to being in same issue as the AGM details used to be posted .

73 ian
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