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UKSMG Contest 2008

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Xavi, EB3CZS
Wed Jun 11 2008, 04:20PM
Xavi, EB3CZS
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Joined: Sat Apr 19 2008, 05:09PM

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On Saturday, the band was closed most of the time. I only could work 1 LZ, 1 YO and 2 very local stations (<5km away).
Sunday was much better with fast and unstable openings to the east. I worked some new ones for me, such as KN90, KM64, JM75 and JM65.
Conditions to the UK were not good with short openings and with a lot of QSB, but I managed to work some QSOs into England and Wales.
I'm happy with the performance of my homemade 3 El. DK7ZB yagi in the not optimal conditions of the contest.
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Wed Jun 11 2008, 07:02PM
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For us up north it would be better to have the contest closest possible to first week of July. Its was dead silent during the contest, so no reason to partisipate.
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Tamas, HA5PT
Thu Jun 12 2008, 05:39AM
Tamas, HA5PT
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This year CONDX was much worse in Budapest than in previous years. We the HG6M team had several breaks due to thunderstorms but Es propagation existed towards many directions for long periods. Live MUF and the DX Cluster helped us to utilize openings but unfortunately we lacked long lasting openings to UK and missed most of our friends from British and Irish islands.

We were happy to attend third time from the shadow of 50MHz TV broadcast station. We combined signals of three element Yagi noise antenna with a 4 element horizontal Yagi or a 2 element vertical HB9CV DX antennas. ANC-4 proved again a great tool and allowed us to work through the S9+50dB video noise.
The rules of UKSMG contests are good for us and hopefully the Es propagation will be much better for all of us of next year.
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Huda, TA7OM
Thu Jun 12 2008, 08:18AM
Huda, TA7OM
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Hi all,
That was the first time we have been in this contest as TA7KA Club Station. The propagation conditions were so variable. Despite of immediate changes on accessibility of west we believe that the contest was really nice. We joined the contest with the call sign "TC7KA" from TA7KA Club Station. Our equipments were; 5 El. Home Made Qbical Quad as an antenna and IC-7400 Transceiver. TA7OM, TA7N, TA7P and TA7CVX were in contest team. Also TB7MPB -son of TA7OM- was in team too. It was his first contest but he was quite good. His equipments were; 3 El. Home Made Yagi as an antenna and IC746 Transceiver.
CREATED-BY: GenLog v6.62

73s TA7OM, Huda

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Ade, M5ADE
Tue Jun 17 2008, 06:15PM
Ade, M5ADE
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Hi All

Time is running out to get your entries in for this year's contest.
I have has 42 logs so far and only 4 from G land
Including a log from Axel N8XA from Dayton Ohio that arrived here by post
less than 3 days after the end of the contest
I have acknowledged all recieved logs sent via email.

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Peter, G7ETZ
Wed Jun 18 2008, 06:04PM
Peter, G7ETZ
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Having worked in the UKSMG Summer E's contest for many a year, and one who is very glad they moved it from Midnight Friday - Midnight Saturday to the more sensible times used now, I only have a few comments to add.

1) Make regular announcements on the projected release of the results from the contest or have a fixed date for them.

2) Announce the date of the next contest ASAP so people can make sure they keep the weekend free. (some people book their holiday's a year in advance)

3) If contesters want additional sections (within reason and by prior agreement from UKSMG) allow them to donate or sponsor a cup / sheild for that section, keeping the overall main sections.
This may mean that contesters could win more than one section.

4) Consider certificates for 2nd and 3rd place.

5) Reserve a section of the band for QRP contesters, so they are not drowned out by the BIG stations.

I like the idea of having membership numbers as the main multiplier.

We realise that it take a lot of effort to organise the contest and check the results, but please don't forget that it also takes a lot of time for contesters to organise and man the stations that make the contest possible.

Contesting is FUN, but everyone likes the opportunity to win something.

Peter - G7ETZ
Dedicated to 6m.
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Dennis, PA7FM
Thu Jun 19 2008, 06:56PM
Dennis, PA7FM
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Unfortunately I haven't been able to participate for the first time in years.. ...
Simply had too much workcommitment this time. But..did switch on the readio twice.....but nothing heard at all, not even G's on tropo wich is daily stuff normaly.
Keep on going the UKSMG test.
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Norman, 5B4AIE
Sat Jun 21 2008, 07:28AM
Norman, 5B4AIE
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I start by saying I enjoyed contest agin this year.
The band opened for me to Hungary to start off.
Local contact with ZC4TS was a first, band stayed open until 18.36Z.
The next morning started very slow at 0540Z into Ukraine.
Thanks to G1KTZ M1AWX G1WLE G7KHF G7RIS for the UK contacts and to 5B/ M1MRB for his call whilst on holiday here in Cyprus.
I bagged 242 contacts first day and ended up with 581 contacts overall claiming 3747744 points if log is OK from KM64hv.
A big Thankyou to the 38 members that called me.
2006 211 QSO 2007 59 qso so more contacts for me this year.
I use a 6 element Cubex Quad, it is mounted on the side of the house @8m running 400w.
I will raise antenna to 12m soon with masthead preamp when time permits

73 Norman ex G1JJE/5B8AV now 5b4aie or 5b4aif/C4I from Mountain QTH 914m asl
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Andi, G7IBY
Mon Jun 07 2010, 05:13PM
Andi, G7IBY
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Having not paticipated in any contests for probably 10 yrs or more we really didnt have much of a clue of what to expect.. add to that our inability to tell the time properly, yes we started an hour early and yes red faces all round when it was pointed out to us and a bit of an issue with the N1MM software not adding the last two digits of the locator (most likely operator error again) and absolutely zero conditions for us in jo00.

We had 73 contacts which to be honest was a little disapointing but hey murphys law strikes again with the conditions. However our group of friends had a good laugh and enjoyed ourselves and problems and issues aside we all had a great time.

Roll on next year.
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