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UKSMG Contest 2008

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Tony, G0OVA
Sun Jun 08 2008, 09:54PM
Tony, G0OVA
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Regret to say missed it totally and it all seemed a bit of a dissapointment to most people reading these posts, BUT it was very good condx on the 2 metre contests, coinciding with a big Eu event ( lots of F and ON ) but also good path to GM so perhaps a good few ops migrated to 2m? Bit of a contest calendar clash methinks ?? G0OVA/P did ok on "two" !!!!!!!!!
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Bart, SQ1K
Sun Jun 08 2008, 10:25PM
Bart, SQ1K

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With a 5 watts from my Ten-Tec Transverter and TS940 I made more than 65qso`s. My antenna is vertical Delta Loop. No one G station in my log, most from south Europe,heard view 4X stations in saturday and today morning i heard TA and IG9 stations but 5watts was not enought to make QSO with it. As a QRP I can say that was quite good fun for me.

Bart SQ1K
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Neil, G0JHC
Mon Jun 09 2008, 07:52AM
Neil, G0JHC
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Hi Ade, 1st off thanks for all your hard work as Contest Manager.
From a re-launch perspective I was thinking of better publicity rather than rule changes. I dont enter Contests, so will leave rule changes to the experts. I do try when available to give out points. Like many after a week at work, chores and family commitments take over and only allow us to dip in and out as the day (contest) progresses.
I think the contest has taken a bit of a hit in recent years, due to the excessive time it has taken for results to be published and over recent years, little publicity outside of Six News.
It would be no use suggesting ideas, which would need a contest committee to run, as volunteers just arent out there, so let me mention a few things you may have time to do with limited resources.
On the PR front, why not approach the editor of the RSGB monthly Contest Colum Tim G4VXE, ask him if he can do a spot on the contest?
Maybe an article in Practical Wireless?
Ask the Country Managers to do something similar in their Countries? I think awareness of the event outside of UKSMG membership is poor.
Theres a number of contest reflectors and web sites out there which can be a stimulus for good ideas.
Ask the team of Ops who operate in every contest from GD why the UKSMG event is the only one you never hear them in? I dont know, but seems odd?

Stewart, glad you had better condition in IO81. I can only comment of course on conditions here, but looking at the cluster it was obviously much more open down South. I live nearer Scotland than Birmingham and experience different openings and opening times than guys in the South.
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Brendan, G4DYO
Mon Jun 09 2008, 08:10AM
Brendan, G4DYO
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Joined: Sat May 24 2008, 06:56PM

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Hi Folks. I'm new to 6m, never seriously entered a contest and don't collect squares.... BUT, why is the exchange only for larger squares? I'd have thought more interest would be generated by having a multiplier for the smaller, six-figure, squares? For a non-contester like me who only goes on to give out points, it gets a bit boring hearing "IO91" many times and I'd be more inclined to persevere for the smaller squares just to relieve the tedium and there would be many more multipliers available... Maybe some people (Ilike me) would be inclined to try and activate a rare square for the contest rather than just a large portion of a country?

Sorry if all this has been discussed earlier.. just trying to help..
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Enno, PF5X
Mon Jun 09 2008, 11:40AM
Enno, PF5X
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Joined: Mon Apr 14 2008, 09:45AM

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Hi Ade & others,

After a typical UKSMG contest start (i.e. great condx, until the contest starts ...), Es picked up again after a while. I was not planning on a serious entry, but was hoping for a few nice runs. It appeared not to be possible. Ended up with 30 QSOs or so.

First of all I had the impression there was more than one contest running (LZ contest ?? Bad coordination within the 6m community). The other contest needed serial numbers and full 6 digit locator square. Plenty of confusion ....
On the other hand some stations combined it with the IARU fieldday this year thereby adding extra fun ! You could consider making that a permanent link ... (again good coordination needed as e.g in Holland there is a national VHF/UHF add-on to the fieldday - could not find the rules on the Internet thuogh).

Secondly, I fully agree with Neil, the UKSMG contest can only be successful with a new, broad PR action to many magazines. (why was the IARU 50MHz contest more successful right from the start ?). Take pride and claim to be the major 6m contest. Coordinate with other contests.

Also start a campaign "4 digits grids is more than enough on 6m" (also helps normal QSOs to be more efficient). Other 6m contest should adopt this too, including the IARU contest. People who insist on receiving 6 digits better go work on real tropo bands (2m, 70cm etc.). And sometimes a grid is not even relevant (think of a Caribbean island).

The contest format is quite alright, but the UKSMG members are having a disadvantage in that they need to exchange a 3 or 4 digit number extra. Maybe a member list can be made available as a history file e.g. for N1MM. In that case everyone can have the same exchange RST + grid. If the contest committee could do automatic log checking, the check program could even do that.

My 2cts. Thanks for organizing this event (I know what it comprises as I did the Dutch PACC this year with 1162 logs ...). Keep doing it !!

-- Enno, PF5X
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Ian, G5WQ
Mon Jun 09 2008, 06:26PM
Ian, G5WQ
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personally i think the contest should be held on its usual weekend of the first weekend in june .

we do not really want to have everyone out there mixed up with thoughts of what and whose contest are they participating or calling in , so i think its best we keep ourselves separate from other contests .

also if contests are held on different weekends it will give many people the opportunity to operate in whichever contest they choose or even to operate in all of them .

i think that the UKSMG contest scoring needs to be altered to reflect the point that it is a UKSMG contest , where members compete against eachother ,and there should be a greater incentive for working and being worked by UKSMG members .

if a multiplier were awarded for each member worked then this would also make the contest much more sporting and also not an easy outcome when the final scores are worked out .

by this i mean that instead of 1 point per member worked, it should be a multiplier as is given with prefixes and locators worked .

this would prove of benefit to those stations who are either lacking in eqpt,operators or location and will enable them to compete with everyone else on a more even level .

when we have Es it is much more of an unknown as to who will work the most members, but will also give those in less favourable locations an equal chance of a good score .

on this note though there should NOT however be a list of members numbers available that can be used to automatically detail any given worked stations uksmg membership number

we should make it as much as possible a seek and find contest where the operators must exchange membership numbers over the air .

there are a few logging programmes like for instance TACLOG , that if used regularly for contesting , will store all worked stations details , and of course once a larger database is built up over time in that programme this is then a form of cheat sheet data base .

if we can keep uksmg member lists out of general circulation then it will require that the contest operator must HEAR and EXCHANGE numbers as opposed to it automatically appearing on a screen when the callsign is typed in .

in our own WNLS [white noise listening society] contest group , we allways maintain to work a contest in a gentlemanly manner and if we win we win fair and square by our own skill .

we will spend as long as it takes to try and get another stations information , sometimes we may give up after a long attempt but we will allways strive to complete with someone if they will be patient enough to keep trying .

i did note a lack of G stations in this years contest but that doesnt necessarily represent a lack of interest , it could mean they have other commitments at this particular time .

i do however feel that the reduction in categories in the contest has had a major impact on attendance figures .

we should definately bring back the PORTABLE category [as it allways used to be ] , it is just totally unfair that someone portable has to try and compete against a fixed station that has been optimised and can operate 24hrs per day 24/7 .

when we operate portable we set the aerials and eqpt up on the morning of the contest and then take it down as soon as the contest is over , this should be recognised within the contest categories and have its own separate section .

we should also compete against the same kind of stations in our own category .

when portable , all eqpt will usually be taken to site within a day of a contest and removed from the site after the contest is over, whereas fixed stations purely have to switch the power on or off and can walk away at any time

the old system of categories was very good, it gave more members a chance to win a place and to compete in a wider choice of sections .

if we want membership participation then we have to supply all uksmg members with suitable categories in which they will want to compete within and so they have similarly equipped stations to compete against .

after all it is a MEMBERS contest and so should be setup the way the members would like t it to be set up .

my views are just personal though and i know others will have their own ideas .

if trophies and costs are an issue then i am prepared [ as others will be] to make or purchase and donate a trophy for the portable section winners .

we need to have a UKSMG "FAMILY" participation approach towards the contest , then if we all feel welcome we all may want to participate more often and in greater numbers ..

we need to make everyone , wherever they come from, welcome and keen to join in , but in order to do that we need enough categories to cater for all needs , equipment and tastes .

thanks for all efforts of the guys who operated our G5WQ/P station and thanks to all stations who called us in this years contest because without you we have no contest to compete in .

73 ian

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Darrell, G0HVQ
Mon Jun 09 2008, 10:11PM
Darrell, G0HVQ
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Joined: Mon Apr 07 2008, 06:32PM

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I was up with Ian, Stewart etc as part of the WNLS G5WQ/P crew. Have been doing the contest as part of the WNLS team on and off since the early 90s, and am now doing many more HF and VHF contests under my home call, but I have to say that the UK 6m Group summer Es contest is still my favourite of the year.

This year the QSO count was down, we can normally hit 200 under poor condx and 400 with a good strong Es opening. Condx weren't bad (one year the Es was totally absent), but the openings were short e.g. we were called by EA8 then it went dead for 30 mins. Sun morning looked promising, lots of ER / UT stations, and JA were working into the middle east, so I thought we'd be in for a shot at JA, but it didn't happen.

Lowlights - the amp went pop Sun morning, Ian saved the day by going home to pick up his spare.

Highlights - perfect sunny weather (I camped this year), good company, good beer.....but the real highlight for me was hearing W7GJ's CW off the moon after we'd given up contesting for the night.

Plenty of photos on the WNLS website:

Darrell G0HVQ
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Gary, M1GRY
Mon Jun 09 2008, 11:36PM
Gary, M1GRY
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This year due to personal reasons we only participated on the Saturday. We were located in IO81WG on the Westbury White Horse hill. The band seemed very flat. Once again we weren't ready to start at 1200z so missed the last of the midday E's. We had the usual equipment failures, the generator packed up a couple of times and a mains block set on fire. There was splatter from other strong stations in the IO81 square, but due to the low activity we were able to find a frequency well away.

Our QSO rate was extremely slow with GW the best DX , until finally I worked a TM6 station out of nowhere. In the late afternoon there was an opening to the south-east. The best DX I heard was TC7KA (KN90), but we were unable to work him and there was of course a pile-up. I am no expert but I suspected that this was a double skip as I heard stations around halfway (OM) at the same time. There were a number of stations but all in the KN locator. We eventually managed to work ER1SS, but it was hard going. I would just like to say a big thankyou to the G stations who couldn't be bothered to listen to the DX working numbers. I waited patiently for my number to come around only for a G3 and G0 to call at the same time. Interestingly the DX stations favoured the D and PA with the occasional G in south-east England.

As the sun was setting we decided to pack up as soon as the petrol in the generator ran out. I heard a very weak PI station and after much effort we completed the QSO, at which exact moment the genny packed up, and so did we.

I've taken part in the UKSMG contest for the past 5 years and this year was by far our worst QSO total (on day one). Nevertheless it was a nice sunny day and we had he usual inquisitive visitors which included two police cars!


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Krassi, LZ4KK
Tue Jun 10 2008, 04:54AM
Krassi, LZ4KK
Registered Member #97
Joined: Fri Mar 28 2008, 05:21AM

Posts: 2
Hi All,

This was my first entry in UKSMG Summer contest and I quite enjoyed it....The 6m band was open most of the time in south-east EU and there were several DX stations
making good pileups : HV50VR, C4I, TB7MPB, TC7KA, UT1IC/P, JY4NE ... Unfortunately the openings to G-land were not very good. I have only 14 UK stations in my log, worked in short intervals
Saturday 15:21..15:36 (JO01, 02, 04), 16:51..17:35 (IO93, JO02, 03) and Sunday 07:42..08:25 (JO00, 02, IO81).

Thanks to all and see you again next year in better condx!

73 de Krassi, LZ4KK
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Ian, G7RIS
Tue Jun 10 2008, 12:28PM
Ian, G7RIS
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Joined: Fri Apr 04 2008, 12:27PM

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Hi All,
Up in IO93 (West Derbyshire) we found it harder going than last year, slightly more qso's and memebrs but less dxcc's and squares. Rough scores at the moment are around 18000. We suffered from very heavy qsb on tropo, taking signals from S9 down in to the noise in the space of an over. The stations we worked (including TC7KA) were workable for fairly long periods with us, so the path was open but just lacking on other stations to work.

We have the same thoughts as G5WQ and always try to " work a contest in a gentlemanly manner and if we win we win fair and square by our own skill" To be honest we don't take part to win, each year we try and improve on last years effort and "close the gap" between us and some of the other guys. The contest is really just an good excuse to be on six for 24 hours!!!!

I think it would be a good idea to have a "portable" section (I would say that as we work portable hi) but it is a huge effort to drag everything out onto the hills. We were about 50 minutes from home and so had to take a spare of nearly everthing just in case something failed (this year everything worked fine), but we do operate portable because it hopefully gives us an advantage of lower noise levels, the ability to run more power, better location etc.

I agree that perhaps better publicity may help the number of people taking part or just giving points away.

I've thought for a while now that it would be a good idea if there was a section for stations that could perhaps only work the first 4 hours of the contest. This would run parallel with the full 24 hours but would give people who are really restricted with time to take part and submit an entry.

We really enjoy the friendly nature of the contest and don't want to really alter it much, although like Neil said "volunteers just arent out there" but maybe an informal contest commitee or just a few individuals of the regular contesters could help with Ade with improvements, count me in if help is required.

We would really apreciate any comments (good or bad) on the signal we were putting out at the weekend, had one report of being +10khz/-6khz wide and another report of the distortion on the recorded mesages, yet reports of no problems from others. It's very difficult to try and locate if we have problems with a station that has just been put together an hour before the contest.....

Thanks to everyone that took time out to work us and the only down side of the weekend was not knowing that W7GJ was bouncing cw off the moon.

Ian G7RIS and Mick G8YNK
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