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UKSMG Contest 2008

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Sun Jun 08 2008, 03:32PM
So how did it go? Please share yor UKSMG 2008 contest experences here, you can post photos here also but watch the size.
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Brendan, G4DYO
Sun Jun 08 2008, 03:37PM
Brendan, G4DYO
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Joined: Sat May 24 2008, 06:56PM

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I've never entered a contest but frequently have fun working other stations in contests so i thought I'd give the 6m one a whirl.

I only have a discone at 55 feet, location near Reading, Berks, but I was seriously disappointed with conditions and only worked a handful of Gs and a couple of overseas stations (LZ and 9H). For me conditions were nothing like a week or two ago when I was working many EU stations. Tomorrow will probably be fantastic!! Hi!
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Trev, EA5ISZ
Sun Jun 08 2008, 03:50PM
Trev, EA5ISZ

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Joined: Tue Mar 18 2008, 01:43PM

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In the unlikely event anyone was wondering what happened to G0VSM in the contest; Peter BCG was away at his EA8 QTH and I found myself with a short notice work committment. Our other op, Bob G6ION decided wisely not to attempt setting up the station on his own. Oh well, there is always next year!
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Dai, G8FXM
Sun Jun 08 2008, 04:10PM

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I also had some work commitments plus rushing around making last minute arrangements before I leave for my holiday tonight, so I didn't participate ether. Defiantly next year...
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Neil, G0JHC
Sun Jun 08 2008, 05:07PM
Neil, G0JHC
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Joined: Tue Apr 01 2008, 01:51PM

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I only heard 3 Gs calling CQ Contest all weekend, seemed a dismal turn out. Good to see a high number of overseas stations embracing the event, although I didnt have propagation to many of them!
Band died on the Saturday here about 30 mins before the TEST started. Came back for abt 30 mins at 1530z, when I hrd a few Italians and ER.
Sunday a similar washout with around 30 mins of two EA stations around lunch time.
Condx seemed much better in SE G and mainland Europe. Total number of stations heard, during hunt and pounce over 24 hrs...less than 10 here in Northern IO83. Worst condx ever, especially the number of Tropo signals. Maybe the Contest is in need of a re-launch next year?

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Ade, M5ADE
Sun Jun 08 2008, 07:12PM
Ade, M5ADE
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Hi Neil

What suggestions have you for next year's contest ?.
Is it due for a full "re-launch" ?
I have some ideas, but would very much welcome input from everyone !.

Ade M5ADE Contest Manager UKSMG

[ Edited Sun Jun 08 2008, 07:15PM ]
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Steve, G4WCS
Sun Jun 08 2008, 07:50PM
Steve, G4WCS
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Joined: Fri Apr 18 2008, 11:55AM

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condidtions were not very good, about 6 G contacts from IO83 . expected a bit more activity in the first few hours, but it has been a glorious weekend and people have other things to do ( was field day on this weekend ?).

cant get too bothered about it- gave it as much time as I could commit, and enjoyed the contacts I had.
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Mike, GM1YQH
Sun Jun 08 2008, 08:06PM
Mike, G1YQH
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Joined: Thu Mar 20 2008, 07:01PM

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working QRP was extremely hard, very few contact made - only two outside G.
much QRB and very few G statins calling where i can sometimes gain points.
Still its the taking part that counts - looking forward to next year.
perhaps a little later in the year might be better - but you can never tell with weather anyway.
thanks to all those that perservered to get me some points!!

mike G1YQH (QRP section)
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Steve, M5BXB
Sun Jun 08 2008, 08:21PM
Steve, M5BXB
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M5ADE - Hi Ade, and all.

There is nothing any of us can do about the conditions, but for the few moments I was at the radio this weekend, there seemed to be several EU stations around so it was not a washout.

I was unable to give the contest any time as I was celebrating my 21st birthday again, and family didn't leave me alone for too long.

However, one suggestion to encourage more mainstream contesters to participate, is to have a format which is compatible with most logging programs such as SDV. I know Taclog will support it, but for me, I only want to use SD log as i am familiar and comfortable with it. Also, I would prefer to see pts/km. Whatever changes may or may not be made for next year, I will try and commit my time to it as contesting is always fun, but not on my birthday. Any belated pressies gratefully accepted!!!
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Stewart, G0LGS
Sun Jun 08 2008, 08:37PM
Stewart, G0LGS
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I will start by saying that whilst I have not taken part in the UKSMG 6m event before I quite enjoyed my first one. I was at the hilltop site for over 12 hours on Saturday (inc setting up), and around 7 hours on Sunday (inc taking down).

Whilst the band didn't seem busy, there certainly were a number of periods when the band was open (from IO81) to the various parts of Europe and even some short periods on Sunday where stations in Asia were very strong.

Whilst the activity levels may have been low the band was certainly open for more than the two periods of 30 minutes suggested by Neil - but perhaps the conditions favoured us in IO81 more than him in IO83.

There were certainly several short (5-10 minute) periods on Saturday evening, when the band was clearly open (very strong time-base/video signals) but no stations answered our calls.

As it was also HF Field day for much of the duration and the PW 2m contest towards the end of the event I suspect that the numbers of G's on the band was perhaps lower than it might have been had it not coincided with these.

[ Edited Sun Jun 08 2008, 09:12PM ]
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