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Ascension Island SAO ZD8VHF beacon

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Mike, G4MAB

Wed Jul 28 2021, 10:40AM
Having recently returned to Amateur Radio now that I'm semi retired I was the original person to install the beacon on Ascension, and have started a project to establish the current status, and if necessary replace the whole beacon set up and/or have it relocated to a new site with a less hostile environment. I have initiated a request for help to the UKSMG committee, but in the mean time I have been offered local help to help restore the beacon. It may be that specific additional equipment may be required such as an equipment enclosure, power supply, RF cable and connectors etc. Also I'm open to expanding the project to digital modes on a shared time basis with the normal beacon functions. I'm still trying to get up to speed on what modes and equipment are possible, so initially if this is something that interests you please contact me to discuss, OR in general if you have surplus equipment that could be donated, I'd like vertical and horizontal antenna this time, any other suggestions are welcome. Mike G4MAB/ZD8MB
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