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Chris, N2ZZU

Thu Oct 23 2014, 06:05PM

The name here is chris and I am on Long Island (NYC area), USA. After a long period of no radio, I have renewed my ticket and upgraded to general, but my equipment is limited to my 2 meter gear (ancient but solid ) and a TenTec 2n6 all-mode transceiver. I will be building a few attic antenni and there is one on this site, (you gets call it a loft antenna I believe), and I am interested.

I would appreciate any suggestions on time of year/frequencies or any other lore to hunt for the spark that connects us. I will be limiting purchase to a linear and an swr bridge, so as to limit expenditures till the economy doesn't stink, (I am aware this could take another hundred years).

That is my tale of woe, and that is life in the big city.
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Chris, W3CMP
Fri Oct 24 2014, 11:10AM
Chris, W3CMP

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Chris: Welcome to 6-hope to work you on the band. Suggest you get as much attic antenna up as possible-you will find band can be frustrating and rewarding. Frequencies to watch at 50.125MHz and 50.110MHz. .125 is domestic calling frequency. If you monitor that frequency you should hear activity from time to time. 50.110MHz is the DX calling frequency. Its use is confined to intercontinental DX contacts. You should also set your rig to scan from 50.000MHz to 50.080MHz if possible. There are specific six meterbeacons you can monitor for band openings. A list can be googled. Another tool is ON4KST Region 1 or 2 chat. These are real time chat pages allow you to watch openings and, get information and learn about the band. The ON4KST chat is a great asset. If you have more questions don't hesitate to email me. 73, Chris W3CMP
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