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Nigel, M0DBO

Wed Dec 04 2013, 02:00PM
Hi just returned to 6m band after a long break away unfortunately got rid of all my 6m gear. I am trying to monitor the band with a home made quarter wave wire groundplane up about 6m agl and a MFJ 9406 transceiver, was hoping to hear and work some stations in the UKSMG winter marathon but so far nothing heard been trying to monitor the band at different times of day and putting out the occaisional CQ call but no luck. I have just rejoined the UKSMG. Hope to hear some of you on air soon I am in IO91 Redhill. from Nigel M0dbo (G7luo)
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Dai, G8FXM
Wed Dec 04 2013, 05:35PM

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Hi Nigel, welcome back to the fold Hang on in there I'm sure you'll hear some stations soon. Listen out next Thursday when the NRAU Nordic contest will be on. When theres not my Es about many stations are using JT6M. The Geminid Meteor shower is about to start so expect to see a lot of MS activity in the coming weeks. Best 73's and good luck.
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Andy, G0VUH
Wed Feb 26 2014, 07:12PM
Andy, G0VUH
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Hello Nigel,
Great to be back just like myself if you would like a ground sked just drop me a e-mail and will see if we can have a contact. all the best now
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