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Steve, G1XOW

Tue Jun 25 2013, 08:26PM
I have taken part in the UKAC, The UKSMG 6m Es contest (1st in Section), The 50 MHz trophy and First 50MHz contest. I am also a very keen 6m DXer.

At no point during these contests would I either call CQ contest in the DX Window, nor would I give away any points to any stations calling CQ contest in the DX Window.

Now, that being said, every time I wandered down band below 50.130 during a contest there were always stations calling CQ contest! Surely they must know that almost all seasoned and self-respecting 6m operators would not dream of working a contest station in the DX Window, so why do they insist on calling there?

This really baffles me as it must hinder their chances of getting a decent score in the contest, so QRM to DXers in the only likely outcome.

Tonight during the UKAC I only had a short amount of time to give away some points. However, at least 5 stations (including M0CES, G4OBK, G8EOP, and M0WYB) all did not get my points because they were contesting in the DX Window! I would hope that most 6m ops would also avoid them in the same way?

Well done to the UKSMG for making a rule change to negate any DX Window contest activity. Perhaps someone could get the RSGB to ban this practice in the same noble fashion?

73 de Steve G1XOW

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Stewart, G0LGS
Sat Jun 07 2014, 06:58AM
Stewart, G0LGS
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The rule of NO CONTACTS in the DX Window for the UKSMG Contest has been there for at least a couple of years. When I first noticed it I specifically asked if that meant contacts with stations outside you own continent were permitted and was informed that NO CONTACTS really does mean NO CONTACTS, and the group of people that I am part of have stuck to this and for the last few years have logged the frequency of operation to ensure that we really do stick to that ruling. (we used N1MM for logging)

(Edit: Just noticed that I was replying to a post from last year)

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Dai, G8FXM
Sat Jun 07 2014, 08:00AM

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No worries Stewart. Your comments are always welcome and very much on topic at the moment. Good luck in the contest.
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Andy, G0VUH
Sat Jun 21 2014, 04:40PM
Andy, G0VUH
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Well yes today so many stations calling cq contest in the dx-window, cant understand why they would do this, SP8K calling all afternoon on 50127 with many stations going back to him from the UK!!
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