FT690 series Circuit diagrams

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Slim, G4IPZ

Mon May 26 2008, 08:20AM
I am on the look out for a circuit diagrams for both the original FT690 (no repeater shift) and the later FT690R (with shift).
If anyone out there can help me I'd be really grateful.
Many thanks

Slim G4IPZ
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Trev, EA5ISZ
Mon May 26 2008, 08:41AM
Trev, EA5ISZ

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Hi Slim, I am sending you a copy of the circuit diagram for the FT690R. For what its worth, the FT690 series is almost identical to the FT290 series in almost all respects so, if your interest does not depend upon circuit values surrounding the RF components, then the equivalent 290 series diagram will probably be useful. Cheers, Trev
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