UKSMG Contest 2013

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Stewart, G0LGS

Mon Jun 03 2013, 10:17PM
Having lost access to the site we (WNLS) have used for the last few years, the initial plan this year was that a few of us would operate from the QTH of one of the group, but on Saturday morning a few hours before the start a change of plan was required.

Matt 2E0MDJ and myself had to make a total of 5 trips (20 minutes each way) from home to our backup site to take all the required equipment (tables, seating, tools, antenna, poles, radio, amplifier etc) and get it back again after the contest.

The first trip was to take non-radio equipment: Tables, chairs, gardening tools to clear the site.

The 2nd trip was to take all the radio equipment and setup and operate for the Saturday Afternoon session, having forgot the Amplifier instructions it took us 15 minutes or so to get it to work and we started around 30 minutes late.

The 3rd trip was around 2300 to come home for some sleep (there being not enough space to kip on-site) and having only worked 5 stations in since 1615 it seemed much better idea than staying on-site operating.

The 4th trip was for the Sunday Session 0700-1400 and to bring the radio equipment back.

The 5th trip was to collect what would not fit in the car after packing up !

Unfortunately the Es God was not kind to us again this year and we managed to get only 14 DXCC's in the log ! - at least it was dry and twice the 7 DXCC's we got in 2012's rain soaked weekend.

We had several issues with N1MM complaining about the radio sending invalid CAT info and for at least three contacts it kept clearing the log before we had finished inputting the contact details (as if we had re-tuned the radio) and at one point Windows decided to shut down the machine (with a BSOD).

Although the site we used does have an ADSL connection, on Saturday the laptop refused to recognise that a CAT-5 cable was plugged in (even after a reboot) - yet the cable worked perfectly when tested late on Saturday night and when used on Sunday morning !

Stewart G0LGS

[ Edited Mon Jun 03 2013, 10:25PM ]
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