Clansman 6 meter calling freq

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Jim, G4REK

Fri Jan 11 2013, 04:06PM
Did have the info but lost the Clansman 353 radio only does 25 kcs steps what is the preferred calling freq for this radio ??
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Brett, G6URM
Tue Apr 29 2014, 02:44PM
Brett, G6URM
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good question jim - personly i would say use 51100 and qsy some where in the all modes section - but as there seemingly IS so little fm activity - i would imagine that any call any where would be greeted with probably some surprise .lol - i guess that whoever abeterally decides the band plans - never envisigaged ex mil stuff being used on 6 m - anyways as there are so many replies on this subject ................. call and be damned .lol
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