6m & 4m from Spain

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John, G8HUY

Wed Jan 09 2013, 10:23AM
I will be in Spain from 9/2/2013 for about 2 months and would love to work back to the UK from there.

Equipment:- IC7000 160m to 70cm & a 4m transverter + temp wire HF antenna and a G0KSC 8 ele yagi for both the 4m and 6m bands...

If your looking for some new QRAs then how about a sked or two? I'll be acvtive around 50.280 Mhz and also my ears will be on 70.2Mhz +or-
Plus I'll be on 7.117 Mhz +or-

Dont think I'll be allowed to TX on 4m from Spain but if not then I'll sure be pleased to give you a report via 6m or 40m if I hear you on 4m.

My call will be EA5/G8HUY/P
73s John

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