Borough Council restricks antenna hight to 100cm !

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John, G8HUY

Mon Dec 03 2012, 05:54PM
Hope for others with stupid Planning Office rules... They closed me down but I'm up again!!

How I did it.. click this green arrow for the full story on the 4m forum,

Please give me a call when you hear me I need all the QRA Squares. YES your's too !
73s John Hayling Is

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Dai, G8FXM
Mon Dec 03 2012, 06:06PM

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Congratulations John, hope to hear you on Six real soon. I have a simular problem where I live (same mast too) so I'm encouraged to hear your council finally relented.

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John, G8HUY
Mon Dec 03 2012, 06:59PM
John, G8HUY
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Thaks Dai
Its been a very lonely time but I feel like a kid out of school now..

Be nice to them, humour them, sup up to them, compliment them when they do say or do something right & above all keep your cool by not use any words that would really discribe them.... you can do that when they agree and your atennas are up once more. Good luck
PM me if I can help you
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