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Hans, OE1SMC

Sun Dec 18 2011, 09:39AM
dear all

i can understand, that downloading the 'six news' can only be done via the 'members only' section. i wonder, if browsing the home page anonymously one can find on the right site a 2D bar code. clicking on this - or using a mobile phone - will also open a PDF with the current 'six news'

so some of the members will ask themselves, why to be a member of UKSMG, if reading the 'six news' is possible anonymously too. and maybe earlier than waiting for snail mail.

73 de hans


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Dai, G8FXM
Mon Dec 19 2011, 10:06AM

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Hi Hans. The issue of Six News available via the QR code is a "Complimentary" issue and is just over a year old. We decided to make old (but not too old) issues available as Complimentary issues to non members so they can see what they are missing and hopefully encourage them to join.
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