Is the UK the only Eu country with 6m repeaters ?

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Mark, G0YNM

Fri Jun 03 2011, 02:15PM
Now its Sporadic E season again, i've been wondering Is the UK the only European country
with 6m repeaters ? - i have been Googling the answer, but got so fed-up with out of date links and info,
and 404 errors etc and was suffering 'Google fatigue' but i learnt the Netherlands isn't allowed
unattended stations over there, due to being just a secondary user,

but does anyone here know any 6m repeaters in Europe ?

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Rob, PE9PE
Fri Aug 03 2012, 03:50PM
Rob, PE9PE
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Hi Mark,

See here this list for Sweden.

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Mark, G0YNM
Fri Aug 03 2012, 08:09PM
Mark, G0YNM
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Thanks Rob for the reply..
since 2011 i have found a repeater in Italy on 50.440 but,
condition haven't been too good, with sporadic E poor or non existent, even so, i managed a number of calls through the Italian repeater, with not even a single acknowledgement.
... it seems with my 100w and vertical antenna that the FM parrt of the band is sadly neglected. I Thankyou, and hope those Swedish repeaters appear one day, as they will be programmed in the FT 920's memory

Thnx de
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