ACOM or SPE Linear?

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Brendan, G4DYO

Thu Apr 07 2011, 12:41PM
Anyone using the ACOM 1000 or SPE 1K-FA please? I would be glad to hear any comments for/against.
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Stewart, G1HHO
Thu Apr 07 2011, 05:07PM
Stewart, G1HHO
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If you buy ACOM 1000 get optional fan fitted,Vine will fit it cost for fan about 24€
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Fred, G4BWP
Fri Apr 08 2011, 08:51AM
Fred, G4BWP
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The SPE is perfect! I was so pleased with the first one I bought another to use in UK.
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David, G8LZE
Sat Apr 09 2011, 02:54PM
David, G8LZE
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I have used the SPE but not the Arcom.

Essentially this is an apple and pear question.

The Arcom is "just" an amplifier whilst the SPE has a built in auto ATU and is essentially a station organiser taking inputs from two different radios, has a choice of four antenna outputs and has full CAT control and an RS2342 data interface. A joy to use and power instantly available.

I have no idea what the current prices are but I would save for the SPE, I doubt you would be disappointed.

Hope this helps.

[ Edited Sat Apr 09 2011, 02:55PM ]
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