FT5000MP on 6m?

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Steve, GW0GEI

Sat Mar 12 2011, 07:28PM
Quite a few of the new FT5000 were sold just before the vat increase in January - so anyone had a chance to try one out on 6m yet? Reviews for hf and lf have all been very good so far but I have yet to see a review re 6m performance - anyone seen one and can provide a link to it?

looking forward to the sp es season this year


Steve GW0GEI
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Johan, ON4IQ
Mon Mar 14 2011, 03:11PM
Johan, ON4IQ
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i'm comparing the ft5000 with ic7800
positive on FT5000
better filtering in CW (roofing filters 300-600hz are amazing).
better tailored ssb response, lots of things to adjust
cheaper than the ic7800
class A final stage available

negative on ft5000
ergonomics (clarifier, vfo b knobs)
fine tuning
no spdif output for audio
missing A B acc connections
no bandscope
less sensitive than the ic7800
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Steve, GW0GEI
Sun Jun 23 2013, 08:54PM
Steve, GW0GEI
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Thanks Johan

Anyone else using an ft5000 as main radio on 6m by now? If so, how do you find it compared to other radios you have used on 6m?


Steve gw0gei
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