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world beacons

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Murray, G6JYB
Sun May 23 2010, 11:08PM
Murray, G6JYB
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Robin Lucas G8APZ who runs the site could reset or recover your id for you
and welcomes any reasonable feedback for changes
The site is two-way so....
Registering/login is really needed as that means there is an authenticated callsign. In that (logged-in) state the site menus then let you generate new spots in addition to it pulling in cluster ones (and extra edit facilities for those who are beacon keepers or admins)
In its first incarnation there was no guest mode or VHF reports but its gradually been part of the expansion as requests have been worked on along with sort and download options
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Dai, G8FXM
Tue Aug 03 2010, 09:22AM

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The UKSMG Website now has a revamped Beacon List page. You can now sort, search and report a beacon. This is very much in beta but I'd welcome any feedback.
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