VE7BQH 6m Antenna Comparison Table

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Tue Dec 15 2009, 04:43PM
The VE7BQH 6m Antenna Comparison Table hosted on W7GJ website can be viewed here:
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Justin, G0KSC
Mon Dec 13 2010, 10:01AM
Justin, G0KSC
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A couple of important points when looking at this table. First of all, the F/R (Front ot Rear) is a good indication of what level of unwanted noise you will pick up from directions other than that you are facing in. If the antenna has a F/R of more than 15dB or more, you are in pretty good shape.

However, when you get above 1 wavelength (boom length), high F/R can mean very large unwanted forward facing sidelobes which inturn can lead to unwanted noise from the front, either side of your desired signal. Sadly, Lionel has not included this very important attribute but worth asking the designer/provider for Elevation and Azimuth plots before commiting in order to confirm them.

Jusitn G0KSC

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