Jimmy, W6JKV and  Dick,
K5AND in VP2E in July 1999

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OPERATING DATES: June 24 to July 5, 1999: LOCATION; Skiffles Villas on Iscaas Cliff, 200 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, with clear view to Europe and North America.

EQUIPMENT: ICOM 706s, 8 el. 41 ft. boom M2 ant., and homemade, 700 watt amp by K5AND.

NUMBER OF CONTACTS: 815 including 337 Europe, 443 USA, and 34 other N.A.; 32 countries including 9A, C6, CT, CU, D, E, F, G, GD, GI, GM, GU, GW, HK, I, K, KP2, KP4, OE, OK, ON, OZ, PA, S5, SM, SP, SV, TI, VE, VP2E,YU, and ZF.

FARTHEST CONTACTS: many contacts in SM,YU, S5, SP, and SV in the 5000+ miles category, in N.A. the farthest about 4000 miles to K6QXY, copied in 4Z ,6000+ miles.

TIME OF OPENINGS TO EUROPE: (open 10 of 11 days when big ant. up); 6/25 1715-1830, 6/26 1845-1945, 6/27 2100-2115, 6/28 2015-2130, 6/29 not open, 6/30 1445-1500, 7/1 1505-1520, 7/2 1740-1820, 7/3 1720-1935, and 7/4 0900-2235 (still open).

MOST AWESOME OPENING: July4...band was open to Europe at 0500 local time (0900 gmt) and stayed open, continuously for 14 hours, or until 1830 local, 2231 gmt. Band was open to USA almost the entire time. Worked approx. 270 European stations (excludes duplicates). At 2231, was working Gs and wife said supper or divorce.....thanks to all of you for qsos, patience, and understanding.

SPECIAL THANKS: to Ms. Richardson for help in obtaining licenses, and to the lovely people of Anguilla who make you feel welcome in their beautiful country.


Dick Hanson,
7540 Williamsburg
Cumming, GA. 30041

Jimmy Treybig,
10915 Bee Caves Rd.
Austin, Texas, 78733

73 Jimmy & Dick!


Jimmy, W6JKV and Dick, K5AND

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