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These video sequences are recorded in AVI format using Intel Indeo R3.2 compression at 5 fps.

  Size Length
Time (mins)
The 1994 UKSMG JY7SIX DXpedition Based on 28.8kb/s V.34 modem
The antenna on the roof of the Marriott 741k 19 3m37s G3KOX
The JY6SIX beacon being presented to HRH Prince Raad JY2RZ by Geoff, GJ4ICD with Mohammad, JY4MB. 1890k 39 9m15s G3KOX
Neil, G0JHC (Glad we like 6m not 10Mhz!) 705k 14 3m27s G3KOX
Geoff, GJ4ICD, working George, GD3AHV 1994k 38 9m46s G3KOX
Geoff, GJ4ICD, working Paul, G4CCZ 634k 15 3m6s G3KOX
Listen & see 6m Moonbounce  
Bob, K6QXY, demonstrating 6m moonbounce 947k 17 4m38s K6QXY
"Test" & "Roger" from the moon! 845k 14 4m8s K6QXY
The 1996 DXpedition to Sable Island (CY0)  
Mike, VE9AA, calling CQ early on in the DXpedition 1620k 30 7m56s VE9AA
Mike, VE9AA, working Dave, KD4WSC  1608k 25 7m52s VE9AA
Chris , G3WOS & Nick, G3KOX visiting Ezzat, SU1ER  
Chris, G3WOS demoing 6m to Ezzat, SU1ER & Greiss, SU1GS 1009k 18 4m500s G3KOX
On the roof of Ezzat's apartment block 831k 18  4m00s G3KOX

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