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This UK County abbreviation list is good through 1996. It is scheduled to be modified in 1997. Thanks go to GM4FDM for providing this information.

Abbreviation County Country
ALD Alderney GU
ATM County Antrim GI
ARM County Armagh GI
AVN Avon G
BFD Bedfordshire G
BRK Berkshire G
BDS Borders GM
BUX Buckinghamshire G
CBE Cambridgeshire G
CTR Central GM
CHS Cheshire G
CVE Cleveland G
CLD Clwyd GW
CNL Cornwall G
CBA Cumbria G
DYS Derbyshire G
DVN Devon G
DOR Dorse G
DWN County Down GI
DGL Dumfries and Galloway GM
DHM County Durham G
DFD Dyfed GW
ESX Essex G
FMH County Fermanagh GI
GNM Mid Glamorgan GW
GNS South Glamorgan GW
GNW West Glamorgan GW
GLR Gloucester G
GRN Grampian GM
GUR Guernsey GU
GWT Gwent GW
GDD Gwynedd GW
HPH Hampshire G
HWR Hereford and Worcester G
HFD Hertfordshire G
HLD Highlands GM
HBS Humberside G
IOM Isle of Man GD
IOW Isle of Wight G
JER Jersey GJ
KNT Kent G
LNH Lancashire G
LEC Leicestershire G
LCN Lincolnshire G
LDN Greater London G
LDR County Londonderry GI
LTH Lothian GM
MCH Greater Manchester G
MSY Merseyside G
NOR Norfolk G
NHM Northamptonshire G
NLD Northumberland G
NOT Nottinghamshire G
ORK Orkney G
OFE Oxfordshire G
PWS Powys GW
SPE Shropshire G
SLD Shetland GM
SOM Somerset G
SFD Staffordshire G
SCD Strathclyde GM
SFK Suffolk G
SRY Surrey G
SXE East Sussex G
SXW West Sussex G
TYS Tayside GM
TWR Tyne and Wear G
TYR County Tyrone GI
WKS Warwickshire G
WIL Western Isles GM
WMD West Midlands G
WLT Wiltshire G
YSN North Yorkshire G
YSS South Yorkshire G
YSW West Yorkshire G

Last updated: February 25, 1996

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