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Streamed interviews and presentations by leading 
6m operators from around the world!
Trev, G3ZYY Clive, G4FVP Trev, G3ZYY & Clive, G4FVP with an "Introduction to 50MHz"
Peter, PY5CC  Peter, PY5CC presenting at the 2001 AGM (46 minute talk)S

 Jose, EA7KW presenting at the 2000 AGM
w6bya_small.jpg (2299 bytes)  Bob, W6BYA presenting at the 2000 AGM
3c5i.jpg (2341 bytes) Alan Isaacson, 3C5I (KB2WF)  I met up with Alan on September 15th while he was in transit to Australia. We had lunch at an Italian restaurant so I took the opportunity to ask him some questions about his activity from Equatorial Guinea - September 1998 [9.50 minutes]
w6jkv_small.jpg (2514 bytes)  Jimmy, W6JKV at his BBQ talking about his 6m DXpeditions and where he will go next.
k6myc_small.jpg (2095 bytes)  Mike, K6MYC talking about his business, M2 Inc., the 'JHV' antenna and stacking
k6qxy_small.jpg (2454 bytes)  Bob, K6QXY talking about 6m EME
n5jhv_small.jpg (2688 bytes)  Dave, N5JHV talking about the August opening and the M2 'JHV' antenna
w3bo_small.jpg (3331 bytes)  Herb, W3BO talking about 6m since 1947
w6bya_small.jpg (2299 bytes)  Bob, W6BYA talking about the difficulty of working Europe from California
w5vy_small.jpg (3277 bytes)  Pat, W5VY talking about the six cycles he has seen in his 91 years
vk3ot_small.jpg (2398 bytes) oh1vr_small.jpg (2374 bytes) VK3OT and OH1VR talking about Australia being heard in Europe.
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