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It all starts with nobody calling,


Somebody calls for anybody, and somebody else calls him,

now somebody works anybody, but everybody else can't,

when somebody finishes with somebody else, then everybody calls somebody, 

which means nobody can work anybody because somebody is still there working everybody,  

when somebody stops then everybody calls somebody, BUT anybody comes back although only heard by somebody,

so somebody calls anybody again and nobody can hear anybody except somebody,

Somebody gets frustrated with anybody and tells everybody because everybody's on somebody's cluster,

then somebody gets upset with everybody and calls for anybody again...

 >If band is open then loop else band is shut


Nobody hears anybody, but now somebody writes about everybody on email..



If somebody didn't work somebody then send bitchy comments to everybody about somebody. (be sure to mention location and power as standard excuses)

If somebody DID work somebody and everybody else didn't work anybody then send gloating comments to everybody. (be sure never to mention somebody that
actually got away)


Author: Graham - who?

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