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Romford, UK

Most days either at 1000 hrs or 1400 hrs I have a QSO with G1XMJ on 50.190MHz. I live in Romford, Essex and Ron G1XMJ lives in Upminster, Essex. If anyone would like to join us they're are very welcome. Pre-arranged skeds with myself can be arranged if they E Mail me at

Source: Bob. M0BOB.

Ipswich, UK

REPEATER NET on Ipswich 6 metre repeater GB3EF, Mondays, 20.30 to 21.30 local time. SSB NET on 50.140 MHz, Mondays, 21.30 to when it finishes. Andy G7OEC usually chairs the net, and I often either help or chair it if he can't.

Source: Bill G0VDE


Mornings at 10-15 local time on 50.200Mhz. Up to three people are usually operating and sometimes four. It does not go on and on for ages usually lasting between a half and three
quarters of an hour.

Source: Roy G7NNL/M5AFB. (Newsletter Editor P.A.R.C.)

Wheeling, WV in grid EN90

On Wednesday nights at 21:00 EST (02:00 Zulu Thursday morning), the Triple States Radio Amateur Club (TSRAC) has an ALL MODE 6 meter net on 50.150 MHz.  Check in sequence is as follows: SSB, AM, FM*, and CW.

TSRAC Headquarters is located near Wheeling, WV in grid EN90. Please point your beams toward Wheeling and make an attempt to check in.  Everyone via any of the above modes is welcome

FM frequency is 51.150 MHz.

Net Control Information:
antenna :  KLM 5 element (up 60 ')
elevation: 1325 feet
rig          :  Swan 250C
power    :  400 watts

Source: Mark  N8UVQ

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