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by Bo, SM7FJE bon@promax.dk January 1997

Considering a DXpedition, need an idea where to go - then look no further!
If you have any additions - just let us know chris(at)uksmg.org


Asiatic Russia, Algeria, Bermuda, Egypt, Georgia, Svalbard, Syria, Turkmen Rep.




4X: KL79, KM70, KM73

9A: JN82, JN92

CT: IM56, IM69

EA: IM78, IM79, IM96, IN70, IN71, IN72, IN80, IN81

EA6: JN20, JM29

EI: IO42, IO44, IO53

ER: KN37, KN38, KN47, KN48

F: JN28

GM: IO37, IO57, IO69, IO79,

HA: JN96, KN07, KN17, KN18

I: JN42

LA: JO39, JP20, JP21, JP22, JP30, JP31, JP32, JP41, JP42, JP43, JP53

LY: KO06, KO15, KO16, KO25, KO34, KO35

LZ: KN31, KN33, KN43

OD: KM83, KM84

OH: KP02, KP03, KP14, KP16, KP17, KP 18, KP27, KP28, KP35, KP37, KP39, KP43, KP44,KP45, KP48, KP49, KP51, KP52, KP53

OM: KN09

SM: JO98, JP62, JP63, JP92, + most of SM2

SP: KN09, KO12, JO93

SV: KM06, KM09, KM16, KM26, KM29, KM35, KM36

SV5: KM35, KM36, KM45

SV9: KM25

TF: HP83, HP84, HP85, HP86, HP93, HP95, HP96, IP04, IP05, IP06, IP14, IP15, IP16, IP26, IP35

TK: JN42

YL: KO06, KO16,

YO: KN16, KN17, KN25, KN26, KN27, KN36, KN37, KN43

YU: JN92, JN96

Z3: KN00, KN11

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