The New Yaesu FT1000 Mk-V  Click here to go back to the home page
and FTV-1000 6m Transverter
August 2000

Han, JE1BMJ attended Ham Fair '00 at Yokohama on 19th August and took photos of FT-1000 mk-V and FTV-1000

Hatsuo, JA1VOK provided the following information: 200W pep output power is given by a BLF147 MOSFET which is the same final amplifier of the MARK-V. 50W power can be driven even by A-class operation. The front-end of the receiver is composed of J-FETx4. This new machine can't be worked with old FT-1000MP, however. Neither market release date nor price has been announced yet by Yaesu, but the total cost of MARK-V and FTV-1000 is estimated to be more than US $4,500 in local market.

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