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Do want the UKSMG to help with your DXpedition?

UKSMG sponsored 6m DXpeditions:

2006: expedition to Libya 5A7A
2006: expedition to Haiti HH4/W3CMP
2005: expedition to St Paul Island CY9SS
2005: expedition to Glorioso Island (FR/G) - TO4Gxx
2005: expedition to French Guiana - TO7C
2003: expedition to Europa Island (FR/E) - TO4E
2003: expedition to Sudan - ST0RY
2002: expedition to Sable Is. - CY0MM
2002: expedition to the Maldives - 8Q7ZZ
2002: expedition by NA1CW and K1TOL to St Pierre and Miquelon - FP/NA1CW
2002: expedition to Trindade Island - PW0T
2000: paid £500 towards the OX2K DXpedition in Greenland
1997: expedition to YM7PA (we paid for the QSL cards)
1997: expedition to CY9AA
1996: expedition to Sable Island - CY0AA
1996: expedition to Georgia - 4L6PA
1994: expedition to Jordan - JY7SIX

Other UKSMG Sponsorships:

One of the main activities of the UKSMG is to help activate a new country on 6m.
Here are a few that we have been involved with:

2005: ZD8VHF beacon on 50.031MHz - replacement rugged antenna - joint sponsorship - UKSMG Nevada and Trident Antennas
2005: EI0SIX new beacon on 50.052MHz - special rugged antenna plus coax - joint sponsorship - UKSMG Nevada and Trident Antennas
2005: donated 5ele beam and shipped to Chad for TT8M
2004: JX7SIX beacon new antenna - Special rugged antenna ordered from Trident. UKSMG paid the antenna costs, Nevada and Trident Antennas generously donated the cost of shipping.

2004: GB3BAA beacon 2 PA Modules provided to get beacon back on air
2004: 5T beacon (Joe, DL8HCZ/CT1HZE)- complete beacon shipped to DL
2004: GB3SIX beacon new antenna - ML&S funded antenna UKSMG covered postage
2002: Paid for a beam antenna 8R1WD
2000: Purchase of antenna for JW5RIA

2000: Paid the airfare to ship the SMC beacon to The Faeroes
2000: Paid for an antenna for Mike J87AB who made lots of 6m QSOs during the year
1999: Paid for an antenna for C31
1999: Paid for an antenna for 5X1T
1999: Paid for the transport of an antenna to ZD9
1999: Paid for the beacon antenna to JW7SIX
1998: Paid for the transport of the antenna and rotator to Larry TZ6VV
1997: Paid for the QSLs of TF/PA3DW
1997: Made a donation to pay for the antenna of the FP5XAB beacon on 50.038MHz.
1997: Helped Ezzat SU1ER, get active on 6m by donating a 100 watt amplifier.
1996: Paid the air fare of sending a 5-element beam to Per JX7DFA.

Other DXpeditions:

2000: G3WOS as VP8DBL in the Falkland Islands
1999: The UKSMG paid for part of Peter LA7QIA's trip to JW1999: Jimmy W6JKV and  Dick K5AND in VP2E in July 1999
1998: The J79KV VHF Dxpedition to Dominica
1998: DXpedition to Lebanon by F6FLV
1997: Enno, PA0ERA trip to Barbados - 8P9DS
1996: Dutch DXpedition to Cyprus (5B4)- 5B4/PA0ERA
1995: DXpedition to Cape Verde - D44BC operated by Geoff, GJ4ICD
1993: DXpedition to Belarus Republic - EV5D & EV5M
1992: Camel Trophy DXpedition - G4SMC/8R1
1992: DXpedition to Kalingrad - UA2F/DK2ZF and UA2F/DK4VW
1992: Joel N6AMG's, trip to Morroco - CN2JP
1980s: G4UPS's Cycle-21 activity in Ascension Island - ZD8TC

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