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PACIFIC 45 - 55 Mhz. This is a frequency list
of TV Transmitter video carriers at Zero beat  within the range of 45 - 55 Mhz

For further information contact Mike, ZL3TIC

Pacific Islands

Location Call-Sign  Power Frequency Grid Reference Notes
HAWAII KHONTV 100Kw 55.23940  BL01  
COOK ISLANDS CIBS-2 10w 55.25000   Link to Airport


New Zealand

Location Call-sign Power Frequency Grid Reference Notes
HIKURANGI TV2* 100Kw 45.26040 RF74  
AUCKLAND  TV4*  500w 45.24989 RF73 Sky Tower
TE AROHA  TV1* 100Kw 45.23980 RF72  
KAUKAU TV1* 100Kw 45.25000 RE78  
SOUTH SHORE  TV2* 100w 45.23990  RE66   
BANKS PENINSULA  TV1* 100w 45.25902  RE66  
MT.PEARCE TV2* 10Kw 45.23980 RE55  
MT HEDGEHOPE TV1* 100Kw 45.25000 RE43  
MURCHISON  TV2* 2Kw 45.26000 RE68  
NELSON TV3* 2Kw 45.26030 RE68  
WHAKAPUNAKE TV1* 10Kw 45.26040 RF80  
KAKA HILL TV3* 50w 45.25000 RE67  
WALLACE PEAK  TV2* 250w 45.25000 RE67  
QUEENSBURY TV2* 100w 45.26040 RE44  
WINGATUI TV2* 1w 45.28340 RE54  
REEFTON TV3* 100w 45.23700 RE57  
HASTINGS TV1* 10Kw 45.26090 RF81  
MT KAUKAU  TV4* 10Kw 55.23860 RE78  
MANGONUI TV2* 100w 55.24000 RF65  
OMAPERE TV2* 10w 55.24010 RF64  
PARAHAKI  TV2* 150w 55.25000 RF63  
WHARITE TV1* 100w  55.25000 RE79  
KARORI WEST TV3* 10w 55.23960 RE78  
FERRY MEAD TV3* 50w 55.26330 RE66  
MT CARGILL TV1* 100Kw 55.26050 RE54  
WATATARUA TV1* 100Kw 55.24000 RF73  
REEFTON TV2*  20w 55.24970 RE57  
LUDLEY TV2* 50w 55.26000 RE56  
CROMWELL TV2* 500w 55.25000 RE44  
ROXBURGH TV2* 10w  55.25980 RE44  
AHURIRI VALLEY  TV2*  500W 55.24010 RE54  

*The Nicam subcarrier is 300khz above the Audio Carrier and is approx 200khz wide the subcarrier is 10db below the audio carrier.


Australia  - 46 Mhz

Location Call-Sign Power  Frequency Grid Reference Notes
MT ULANDRA  ABMN0  100Kw  46.24010 QF35   
MT MOWBULLAN RTQ0* 150Kw 46.17180 QG53   
BALD HILL NEN0 1000w  46.26100 QF58  
BUCKERIDGE LOOKOUT ABWN0 500w  46.23960 QF53  
NANNY GOAT HILL  ABSN0  25W 46.23963  QF43  
MT CUMBERMELON ABCN0 15W 46.25740    
* Stereo subcarrier is 300khz above the Audio Carrier uses Standard Analog System 


Maylaysia 48 Mhz 

Location Call-Sign Power Frequency Grid Reference Notes
KOTAKINIBLAU   100Kw 48.24000    
EAST MALAYSIA   100Kw 48.24470    
MALABO   1kW 48.24760    
SOUTH EAST MALAYSIA     48.24960    
MALAYSIA   100Kw 48.25080    
MALAYSIA LOTS   48.25000    
GWERU   17.6kW 48.25800    


China, USSR, Asia 48 - 49 Mhz

Location Call-Sign Power Frequency Grid Reference Notes
HOLMS SRT2   48.25000    
TRADE CENTRE EDTV1 150Kw 48.25000 LL74  
ASHCHABAD    15Kw 49.75000 LM97  
KRASNOVODSK   100Kw 49.75000 LN60  
DZHALIABAD ATV1 5Kw 49.75000 LM49  
YEREVAN ATV 50Kw 49.74200 LN20  
TELERAN IRIB2 100Kw 48.25800 LM55  
ASIATIC REGION     49.73480    
 ASIATIC      49.74740    
ASIA     49.74820    
ASIA     49.74860    
ASIA     49.74960     
ASIA (WARBLY)     49.74990    
KRIVOI ROG    35Kw 49.75020 KN67  
VELIKIJE   90Kw 49.75090 KO56  
VLADIVOSTOK   7Kw 49.75020    
CHINESE OUTLET     49.75040    
CHINESE PULSING      49.75080    
SUZHOZERO   10Kw 49.75800 KP63  
KULDIGA   50Kw 49.76040    
ROSTOV-ON-DON    35Kw  49.76080  KN79  
NOVOSOKOLNIKI URS 90Kw 49.75780 K056  

This listing is far from complete, and is as good as we can get at this this. Thank you to VK3OT/VK3SIX (Steve) and OK1XH (Milan) for there input

If you can assist us with this listing, or wish to contact the me for other 6M discussion then you can contact me at the following:  Email address: ZL3TIC - Mike Foubister

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