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21/22 February 1998

We all had a terrific time with over 25 6m DXers attending the meal on Saturday night. Sorry if I have not posted your photo. (Chris, G3WOS).

Color2.jpg (28631 bytes) Johan-PE1LAU, Tom-DL7AV and a sleepy Dave-EI3IO (G3SDL) - well we did have a lot to drink!
Color3.jpg (21664 bytes) Chris-G4IFX, Steve-VK3OT, Frank-PA3BFM
Color4.jpg (18067 bytes) Paul-G4CCZ and Geoff-GJ4ICD
Color6.jpg (23104 bytes) Bob-WA6BYA, Hatsu-JA1VOK and Neil-G0JHC
Color7.jpg (16874 bytes) Roger-G4HBA
Color8.jpg (15742 bytes)John-PE1LAU and Tom-DL7AV
Color9.jpg (38517 bytes) L-R: Trev-G3ZYY, Clive-G4FVP, Cliff-G1IOV, Frank-PA3BFM, Mike-G3OIL, Iain-G0RDI (G3WOS taking the photo!)
color10.jpg (44053 bytes) Almost our largest turnout!

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