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Posted by Lefty, K1TOL
Thursday 24 April 2008 - 14:15:29

From Yuri today:

We are underway now and presently at JO96 at Baltic sea bound to Peru via Panama canal . If all going well we expect to be leave English Chanel and entering Atlantic April-28 with best expected arrival time to Panama May-12 weather permit.During ocean passage i will try to go by great-circle through "IN" "HN" "GM" "FL" . Mostly we will be in "HN" and "GM".

"IN" - from April 28 - till April 30
"HN"-from April 30 - till May 03 or 04
"GM"-from May 03 or 04 - till May 06 or 07

Now as always 24 hours daily rx 50.110 still running on stand by.
UT1FG/mm, Yuri

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