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Andy, G0VUH

Wed Jun 17 2009, 03:18PM
After ringing round the major ham stores in the uk it seems there is not any six mt amps to buy? Are most 50mhz operators run 100w from the radio in uk? Anyone give me advice where i can purchase a 50mhz amp from say about 300w/500w output?
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Brendan, G4DYO
Thu Jun 18 2009, 07:29AM
Brendan, G4DYO
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Vine Antennas advertise several. Have u tried them Andy?

73 de Bren G4DYO
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Ian, G5WQ
Thu Jun 18 2009, 09:09AM
Ian, G5WQ
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andy ;
kerry G0LCS has a heathkit sb220 for sale , listed on this website , give him a call and discuss it ..
2x3-500z valves , up to 100w drive and 1kw out .
i converted it to run on 6m , it also covers whatever HF bands were left but 10m i think i removed ..
i think he also has an external 12v relay to go between the radio PTT and amp PTT so it will run with any modern tcvr .
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