How many Beacons do we need in the UK?

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Murray, G6JYB

Mon May 04 2009, 03:08AM
Over on the UK Beacons Yahoo group we have posted a key question that some of you may be interested in replying to - in that group please, rather than here if you can -

Murray G6JYB, RSGB

PS I certainly would encourage all UK 6m Beacon keepers to join that group if they haven't already
Sat May 2, 2009 10:26 pm

Ok as its topical, lets have a quick thread over the next few days based on this
fundamental question:-

"What is the minimum number of UK beacons needed to provide an effective service
in the VHF and UHF bands"

Please consider the current beacon maps/lists on, the nature
of the individual bands and propagation and the fact that most kit nowadays
tends to be rather more accurate in frequency than decades ago, with SDRs and
other new ideas/modes appearing.

No need to be a doom merchant for this thread. For the purpose of the exercise,
answers should stick to 30-440 MHz, assume that GB3BUX is being repaired, GB3RMK
upgraded, GB3NGI will appear on 6m, GB3VHF will be successfully relocated, that
GB3MCB is lucky and continues to attract donations and the remaining UK 70cm
systems are finally aligned with the IARU bandplan - and recall that it is a
volunteer effort that needs sites, access and cash

With 85 reflector members (unless you invite some more to join) I don't pretend
this will be a scientific sample but it may prove interesting and timely

Brief answers per band if you can...

Murray G6JYB
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Christoph, DF9CY
Mon May 04 2009, 07:56AM
Christoph, DF9CY
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Hi Murray
In some small and only spotty openings there can't be enough beacons. Sometimes you only receive one of the numerous UK beacons and you know the band IS open. Here I speak for 6m, but for 10m, 2m and other bands this should be valid too.
73 de Christoph
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