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Chris, GM3WOJ

Wed Apr 29 2009, 11:13PM
30th April 2009
Hello UKSMG members

Apologies for the feeble signal from the GB3RMK (50.060MHz IO77uo) beacon - the existing beacon has been active almost continuously since August 1985 and is worn out. It is in a crowded room where the temperature is now +40C and all the other equipment cooling fans run continuously.

Work is in progress on a brand-new beacon (tnx GM6BIG and GM8BBA) which hopefully will be installed in late summer 2009 - please be patient. If you can hear the GB3RMK beacon at the moment you have a good RX set-up !

If you are on HF, please try to work my ZK2V DXpedition - see - sorry I don't have any 6m gear with me.

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