Tokyo Hy-Power HL-66V

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Slim, G4IPZ

Wed Apr 23 2008, 05:34PM
Has anybody got a copy of the handbook for the Tokyo Hy-Power HL-66V 6M amplifier please? I'd also like a copy of the circuit diagram as well if at all possible.
Many thanks

Slim, G4IPZ
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Steve, G7KHF
Wed Apr 23 2008, 08:19PM
Steve, G7KHF
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Hi Slim
i have a copy of the manaul which i got from
if you are not a member i will forward you a copy.
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Slim, G4IPZ
Wed Apr 23 2008, 08:24PM
Slim, G4IPZ
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Hi Steve.
Thanks very much for that link.
I have to say this about the UKSMG - never have I had such a quick response to a post on any other forum anywhere. One to the thread and one PM, both producing exactly what I was after.

All the best

Slim haines G4IPZ
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